What is Equality?


Equality is not standardisation. For good political reasons, until the mid 80’s, we used to think of a utopian society which does not have any differences between people. I am not denying that until recently there was still poverty and ignorance, left from the feudal society, and there was a great demand of a more equal society. However, differences create equality. Differences does not mean inferior or better. If there was no such word as differences, we cannot speak of equality.

Many people argue that if women are to be equal to men, then they should go in for the same jobs as men, such as, the building industry or similar jobs that require the physical strength of men. In other words, people who argue in this way are creating a standard that is male and what they are thinking is biased according to the standard they have created. Standard interpretation can be manipulated for denying rights.

Since there is

We share everything

We share our thoughts, concerns, housework... Differences including differences in wages, do not threathen our concept of equality.

Without a big change in men’s attitudes full equality relationships will not be possible. If men dominate in families, men will dominate in the society in general. We are not only talking about equality in the labour market, but even in the private sphere. We have to negotiate with equality all the time. Full Equality is not only possible but it has several advantages.


Full Gender Equality Relationship is the one having the highest amount of freedom. The female can express and show her creativity, that is, she can dress according to her own creative choices and not obey the dictates of her partner.

A girl who marries so that she would become a housewife is oppressing her capabilities and this leads to the fact that the family cannot improve in this aspect.


In a relationship where total equality reigns, the family has only half of the stress. She can share her thoughts and feelings with the man she loves, because they have common interests.

A Full Gender Equality Relationship is more accountable. Women will not be accused that they are not accountable because they are direct breadwinners. Their role in the labour market will not be considered as an assistance to the man's wage. New Prosperities for the future, without oppression.

Even if we have conflict we have to fight fairly

and try to take the bull by the horns

Women are ready to work both outside and inside the home.

Usually the more violent or aggressive males are the ones

that are afraid of full equality. They do not share with their partner,

and want to dictate everything. The female does not remain emotionally dependent on the male. It is absurd for a woman to be attracted

to a violent man, who will eventually make her life hell

after they are married.

This is the only movement that represents all men and women together.

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