Hidden Secrets



Omar Seguna

Afraid of Lonileness

I do not have

anything to be proud of.

Do not think,

that I am strong,

because I am empty from within.

I am a lonely poet,

trying to crawl, walk, learn to fly.

I am still trying to discover myself

and find that I am

tired of hanging around.

Do not leave me


In Need of Friends

I am a stranger, I am a hermit.

I wish I could come out of this dark room,

learn a language that people can understand.

Maybe someone might care for this garden:

Withered flowers will be watered back to life.

Maybesomeone might help me get out of here.

Here I am, sitting thirsty, not being helped,

in this terrible night, in this lifeless desert.

A drop of rain

In the middle of a garden,

a ray of sunshine,

on a drop of rain,

that reflects

every colour we wish.

On this Summer morning,

the rustle of the leaves,

and singing of the birds,

break the silence

around us.

Lazing on the grass

in the afternoon heat.

Sharing our clean dreams

and you

run freely

feeling the gentle heat

under your tender feet.

And I feel

unwilling to leave you,

soaring up high in the sky.

I wish we could live


this dream.

When the drop of rain will fall

and leaves the leaf,

it seems to me

as if the leaf cries

as I cry

when I get away from you.

Who am I?

If you want to know me, my lovely girl,

do not think that I am the ideal man.

Do not think that I can fulfil your life.

Remember when we went to have a drink

and I offered you an empty glass only.

I offered you withered flowers with thorns.

Time went by and I remained a child,

and I have not learned how to be an actor.

You came across my smile and my solitude,

in my dull poems, which no one understands.


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