The Importance of Equality

I am afraid that in the future, children will tend to take lower risks, with less fear of failure. Many kids try the easiest way and achieve points. Fear of failure may lead to lack of responding. Children may tend to become more lazy and unmotivated.

Previously, parents were afraid of mistakes. Fear was contested in religion, politics and education. Children were taught by "Do not do that" and "Do not do the other". Religion and politics were integrated in western medieval times. Childbirth taboos, witches, sexism, torture are side effects of a society ruled by force and terror. Mysticism was a common practice in medieval times. No one was allowed to speak against the King or against the Upper Social classes. Teachers used to drill the children with instruction. There was no fear of making mistakes.

Meanwhile, monarchy was either been abolished or given less importance.

This type of education nowadays is not popular. The most important reason is not that we are more sympathising with women, working classes, children and the weak. We are trying to involve all the parts in the society, because economically it is more effective. An education by force is not updated with the needs of the modern world.


Full Gender Equality in Ancient Greece

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