Teaching programme

Keep these points in mind!

  • Teaching Children, not the subject
  • Freedom for All
  • Towards a better way of living
  • Setting objectives for each session
  • Following the syllabus
  • Involvement of pupils
  • Use of voice, eyes, classroom space
  • Gaining and holding pupils'interest
  • One Class
  • Education is Hi-gene!
  • Co-operation leads to success
  • The Children's World
  • Me and my hometown
  • New Outlook
  • Better Vision in Science and Technology
  • Substantial Importance to Nature
  • The Role of Religion in Our Daily life
  • Full Emancipation of Children with special needs
  • Full Gender Equality
  • Participation of the Students
  • A Will to learn
  • Best Questionning Techniques
  • Group Work
  • Best Educational Resources
  • Teacher - Pupil Interaction
  • Personal Attention to Individual Pupils
  • Quality of Exposition
  • Siutability of selected content to pupils' ability and interests
  • Use of educational material
  • Adherence to time-table
  • Self-assessment
  • Correction of Pupil's Work
  • Preparing the children for a Changing World

Summer School Programme

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